About Me

Who Am I?

  • Born circa mid-to-late 1980s.
  • American.
  • There is much to learn.

What is the Purpose?

  • Of this website? To record things I find interesting at the moment. To write things that may be worth recording, in the hope that there may be some value to the future.
  • You may or may not be interested in some/most/any of what I write. That’s okay. I am not offended.
  • (slightly facetious) My primary audience is an unseen person exactly like me, or at least pretty similar to me, but who is not me and doesn’t have the knowledge or experiences that I do. If that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t help you, feel free to ignore this paragraph.


Q. Why “Yuletide”?
A. Oh. Only the first ‘Q’ (of the Q-and-A) and already an error: It is Yule Tide. The URL is “Yule-Tide” — That’s Yule, hyphen, Tide, dot com. Try not to bungle the URL or you’ll end up at one of the many rival Yuletide sites or blogs out there.

Q. Why “Yule Tide”?
A. Those who know me should be able to figure it out. Think. If you don’t know me, or if that answer doesn’t work for you for any reason, just ask me in person.

Q. Was it always “Yule Tide”?
A. No. It was originally yuletide5142. Those are digits of a phone number I had from 2011 to 2013. The phone shop at which I got that phone is now a fast food shop, I think. Then it was Yuletyde.com. Currently it is Yule-Tide.com.

Q. Is this an [x] blog?
A. No. At times one could be forgiven for thinking it is a “Korea blog,” but that’s just because Ive been there for much of the time this blog has been active.

Q. Why Korea?
A. I never have any kind of adequate answer for this when people ask. Consider this: Why do you live where you do, reader? (Assuming it is not where you were born and raised and you simply stuck around; assuming you moved somewhere at some point.)

Q. That’s not a helpful response.
A. Maybe not, but no refunds. Somehow I’ve ended up spending quite a few years in South Korea (never North). Korea, the eternal puzzle. A place I will absolutely always be a foreigner, but about which I like to think I have learned some.

Q. What do you think about [y] or [z]?
A. Use the search function at the side and plug in your [y] or [z] and see what comes up. Or click on a category (e.g., Sports) (categories should be at the right-hand side of all posts). Or ask me in person.


Contact Me
Leave a comment on any post, or at the bottom of this page. I should see it. Or email me at “yuletide5142 -at- y@h00.com.”

You can click onto a page profiling previously used Yule Tide site banners. The value of such a page I remain unsure of. At least it beats a sharp pointed stick in the eye.

Thanks for reading.

Revision history

– Originally written (not well): April 2013
– Updated/revised: February 2014
– Improved?, reorganized: Oct. 2017

– Revised again w/ site move: Sept. 2019